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Suzuki Violin Lessons

Ages 3 - 18

"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for [my daughter].  You are her third violin teacher, but absolutely the best one she’s had.  You are such a great balance of skill and professionalism but also gentleness and patience."

Betsy H.



The Suzuki Method is based on the principle that every child has ability. Considering every child can learn their native tongue with relative ease, the same natural learning approach can be applied to violin instruction through a nurturing and encouraging environment.


  • Beginners: accepted from ages 3* - 7 years old.

  • Students with previous playing experience: accepted up to age 18. 

*Three-year-olds must be fully potty-trained and able to follow basic instructions.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to take lessons prior to or alongside their child, but otherwise, The Yarbrough Studio does not provide lessons for adults.


30, 45, 60, & 90-minute lessons available

Lesson days and times are arranged by appointment. 


Beginning - Advanced

All levels of ability welcome!


 Bremerton, WA: home studio (exact location disclosed upon appointment). 


Private (weekly): Teacher one-on-one with student.


Group Class: In addition to private lessons, students also attend group class. This is a highly enjoyable and motivational session in which all students have the opportunity to play and learn together in a group setting. We further reinforce what we’re learning in lessons while also having the chance to play and perform as an ensemble. 

Please note: Students are expected to participate in both private lessons and group classes. 

Methods & Curriculum

As a registered Suzuki violin teacher, I train students using the Suzuki Method.


At the student's developmental readiness (factoring age, literacy, and technical proficiency), and in conjunction with Suzuki study, I introduce and develop the skill of reading music with the Sassmannshaus Tradition series, Early Start on the Violin, on which I also have registered teacher training.


Scales, etudes, and additional repertoire are also assigned for further development. 

Advanced students continue with scales/technique, etudes, and the standard violin repertoire. 

Music theory is included in the lesson to build further understanding of music and to aid in performance. 

Parental Involvement

Continuing from the enrollment stage through a child's lesson experience, parental involvement is absolutely vital for success. Especially for younger students, parents are expected to attend the lessons, take notes and/or video recordings, and learn along with their child in order to help them in their daily practice routine at home. 


Performance opportunities such as recitals occur throughout the year in addition to group classes, studio functions, and community outreach. 

Because performance is an essential component of musical study, as well as the mission of art to benefit and share with others, all students participate in performances. 


Please see the Studio Handbook.


Please see the Studio Handbook.



Preparing for Lessons

I am so thrilled you are interested in lessons! 

To get ready, 

  • read Nurtured by Love (revised edition recommended) by Shinichi Suzuki

  • listen to the Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 CD/audio file as soon as possible (also available on Shar, iTunes & Amazon)

  • observe lessons along with your child

{ages 3 - 7 accepted}

As parental involvement is a cornerstone of the Suzuki Method, our lessons begin with three parent orientation classes. These informational sessions are just for parents, without children present. We'll meet each other, answer any questions you might have, and prepare you for the exciting and vital role you play in your child's lessons. Most importantly, this is a priceless investment in your child's success and enjoyment of this experience -- you will want to learn as much as you can about this method!

For an all-inclusive fee per family (both parents may attend!), you will receive:

  • three 1-hr.+ sessions full of valuable information

  • resources to aid you in lessons, even if you decide to work with a different teacher

  • exclusive studio information 

  • a Parent Class Workbook

  • a special beginner's starter kit with other essential materials at the end of the course!

Students with previous
playing experience
{ages 3 - 18 accepted}

Students of all levels who are not learning violin for the first time are welcome to schedule an interview lesson. This is a time for all of us to get to know each other and for me to assess where the student is so we can plan on how best to move forward together.


Normal lesson rates do apply, but there is no further obligation to continue unless you decide to enroll. My goal is for us to be on the same page and mutually agree that we make a good fit before starting lessons.  

Students and parents are also encouraged to observe lessons and/or attend parent orientation classes! 

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