Mini Musicians


Suzuki Early Childhood Education

A music & movement class for

babies, toddlers, & parents

Prenatal - Age 3

Currently Enrolling New Families

The Suzuki Method is based on the principle that every child has ability. Considering every child can learn their native tongue with relative ease, the same natural learning approach can be applied to music instruction through a nurturing and encouraging environment.


Wednesdays, 10:30 – 11:30 AM


Bremerton, WA: home studio (exact location disclosed upon appointment). 


Children ages 0 – 3 (until their fourth birthday) + a parent/caregiver.


NOTE: Both parents are welcome to attend with their child, but only one child may attend with each adult. Guests (relatives, older siblings, friends, etc.) who are able to participate are welcome to attend class free of charge!


This is an active class. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and sit on the floor*, and also be prepared to remove your shoes before entering the studio.


*If there is any physical discomfort, a chair can be provided during floor activities.


The Suzuki Early Childhood Education repertoire is on the CD Lullabies, Action Songs, & Rhymes, available on iTunes, Amazon, or can be included in the registration fee. All students should own the recording for listening and singing at home.

Each week, classes include listening, singing, keeping a beat, patting, clapping, marching, dancing, moving to music, playing drums, xylophone, glockenspiel, triangle, woodblock, and other percussion instruments, story time, parent education, and written observations.


With a central focus on character development, Suzuki Early Childhood Education nurtures a variety of skills, as well as preparing the child for entry into preschool and/or private music lessons when they graduate.  

Musical Skills

  • singing

  • instrumental playing (using top quality, real percussion instruments!)

  • technique

  • tone

  • pitch

  • rhythm

  • dynamics

  • solo & ensemble

Academic Skills

  • focus

  • following directions

  • counting

  • tracking left to right

  • reading readiness

  • language  

  • vocabulary

  • memorization

Social Skills

  • interaction & friendships with other children & adults

  • taking turns

  • sharing

  • leadership

  • confidence

  • communication

  • teamwork  

  • cooperation

Physical Development

  • fine & gross motor skills

  • dancing

  • motions

  • physical activity

  • coordination

Lifelong Skills

  • mastery

  • patience

  • inner calm

  • self-expression

  • creativity

Suzuki Philosophy

  1. Every child can learn

  2. Ability develops early

  3. Environment nurtures growth

  4. Children learn from one another

  5. Success breeds success

  6. Parental involvement is critical

  7. Encouragement is essential

Rates & Enrollment

Enrollment is continuous, so you may join at any time. Tuition is pro-rated for new students joining after the first class of the current billing cycle.


*The first class is FREE!*


1. Choose your one-time registration fee:

  • $30 (includes Lullabies, Action Songs, & Rhymes CD & Handbook)


  • $7 if purchasing Lullabies, Action Songs, & Rhymes on iTunes or Amazon. Please purchase both Week 1 & 2.


2. Choose your billing cycle:

  • Monthly: $76                 

  • 4-month: $266 (12% discount)

  • 8-month: $485 (20% discount)

  • 12-month: $635 (30% discount)